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Dreams are great but dream keeping your eyes wide open!

4UPPER Models’ roster includes male and female models aged between 15 and 28, satisfying the standard requirements of the fashion industry:

- Women min. height 1.74, size 38/42 (Italian); men: min. height 1.82, seize 46/50 (Italian).
Those not satisfying the minimum requirements, although unable to be on a professional fashion catwalk, can still be eligible for different types of opportunities. The agency, in accordance with the candidate, will assess the skills and inclinations and propose the most suitable sector.
For this reason 4UPPER MODELS, respecting each individual’s ambitions, intends to work in the utmost transparency and practical approach.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q: I’m a minor, can I work with you?
A: Yes, on condition your parents give their written consent

Q: Do I have to come to your agency in person to introduce myself?
A: A first informal meeting in our office, apart from being a sign of a certain degree of professionalism, is the first step towards a serious and positive collaboration.

Q: I already have some photos, do I need to take new ones?
A: The agency doesn’t force anybody to take new photos, but at the same time will express its opinion whether those shown by the model are appropriate and reflecting some personality traits.

Q: Why am I not visible online?
A: Not every profile will be published online, the agency reserves the right to publish only those profiles considered mostly appropriate and in line with its own image.

Q: Can I send photos of my child?
A: The agency doesn’t work with children, the minimum age to work with us is 15.

Q: I have no experience but I would like to become a model.
A: The agency will consider if you satisfy the minimum requirements assessing your potential and whether to invest in training you to adequately prepare you to the fashion world.