Catwalk training and image workshops

Knowing how to walk, pose, communicate with your face and body, acquire your own personality and confidence are the objectives of a set of classes dedicated to those willing to start a professional career in the glamorous and challenging fashion industry.
The range of classes includes:
Catwalk and posing:
It’s the main training of the IMAGE Workshop where a framework of theory and practice concerning your walking, posture and how to work with your face and body will be delivered.
Catwalk techniques:
Learning how to interpret the outfit and accessories on the runway.
Fashion choreography:
Learning how to be on the runway alone or with other models.
Development of basic acting skills and facial and body expression, to increase your confidence and highlight the elegance and style characterising your personality
Using various techniques to set your face off (catwalk make-up- photo shooting- beauty) and suggestions about your haircut, hair colour, hair care, to be always at your best in the different situations characterising the fashion related activities.
Posing for photo shootings and videos
Learning how to pose for photo shootings and video making, finding your best angles to effectively interact with the camera and communicate through it.
The catwalk classes and Image Workshop will be held by professional staff of a long and proven track record of successes in the industry, committed to train professional models at the highest levels.